Daver is you, not she, not dayer, but you!
Erick: Daver!
Sean: Daverrrr!
Julian: Daverrrr!
The Furry: Daver?? What's that?
Erick: Daver is you! Not she, not dayer, but you!!
by William Mellis December 29, 2020
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Daver- an affectionate term for someone named Dave, often used in a silly and friendly way.
"Hey, its the Daver! What's up, man?"
by Shimei January 28, 2005
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Name of a person who communicates with a person called Dave more often than with his girlfriend using more than 3 communication channels.
She: What are you doing honey?
He: Writing to Dave...
She: C'mon, its 2am, you're such a Daver!
by Don Quijotes son February 24, 2011
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A random, innappropriate, completely uncalled for public erection. Usually smaller than average.
Joe: Dude, Bob just popped a wicked daver!!
Ted: Gross, man!!!
by Roach2325 March 06, 2008
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A nickname for someone who thinks he's better than everyone else when he's really not.
"Hey! Did you see that kid today? he was so stuck up!"
"Well, what did you expect? He's a Davers"
by LAAAAAtika May 03, 2009
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