2 definitions by Don Quijotes son

Name of a person who communicates with a person called Dave more often than with his girlfriend using more than 3 communication channels.
She: What are you doing honey?
He: Writing to Dave...
She: C'mon, its 2am, you're such a Daver!
by Don Quijotes son February 24, 2011
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A micronap ist a short nap of 2-5 minutes. When micronapping you won't fall fully asleep but relax a lot. You micronaps at different places, for example in your car, at home or in the office.
Mario: Damn am I tired.
July: Stop yammering you Daver, get a micronap instead!
Mario: Nice plan. Game starts in 10 minutes. Nuff time for micronappin & a smoke.
July: True story
by Don Quijotes son March 18, 2011
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