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Daver- an affectionate term for someone named Dave, often used in a silly and friendly way.
"Hey, its the Daver! What's up, man?"
by Shimei January 28, 2005
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Page 8- to completely and totally fuck up your attempt to lie and get yourself out of a bad situation. Most commonly used in the internet-gaming community to describe a total cheesewad. Page 8'ing is used especially after the liar strenously denies guilt, even when his own fuck up provides proof he's guilty. This term comes from the infamous page 8 of a certain rant/ flame post on an MMORPG's messageboards, where, on page 8, the accused person posted with the wrong account name, thus tying him to the scammer.
"I didn't want to talk to that psycho bitch from the club last night, so I pretended to be my roommate through the door. Imagine my surprise when he walked in, with his arm around her..."

"Dude, you SO page 8'ed!"

So I'm scamming this dude out of stuff in game, and he gets too suspicious about my other character. I play it cool and blame it on my roommate, then use his account and my girlfriend's to back up my story on the boards. It was okay until I fucked up and used the wrong name in a reply on page 8 of the thread.
by Shimei December 29, 2004
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