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A tall, sexy boy he's been hurt before and he'll fight for the one he loves.
by Darrinsgirlfriend.๐Ÿ˜‹ December 07, 2016
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1)Though only of average height, a Darrin is superbly athletic, and thus far more attractive to women than the average mortal.
2) Due to the Darrin's height disadvantage, his penis will occasionally drag on the ground as he walks. In the case of an erection (sometimes refered to as a Nathan), decreased brain funciton is a common result as there is not enough blood for both the brain and penis
1)"man, I just got beat in a race"
"I know dude, he's a total darrin"
"shit, there goes my Girlfriend!"
2)"where did all the blood go?"
"to my penis, where it belongs"
3)haha, that Darrin just fell over cause of his huge Nathan
by Backflipaddict October 28, 2008
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The shortest person you will meet he likes watching porn and jack off to chicken little he is a pretty cool short dude with glasses and he needs a guy to put the weiner in his buns or he will get lonely.
by Old hack 626 November 10, 2017
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Darrin is the slavich word for demon. A Darrin is a scheming , thieving , habitual liar. He's a coward that likes to beat up on woman and have sex with his dog. Literally. A Darrin is unloyal, unrespectful, with a touch of cerebral palsy and down syndrome
Man I thought that guy was cool till I saw him hit his girl and he stole my babies pampers. And you better stop lying so much before you become a Darrin.
by INFAMOUSE77 July 30, 2018
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A name given by 2 parents. Athletic, smart, tall, annoying. Sexuality is gay. Plays band as a percussionist.
He's being such a Darrin.
by Amazing of the charts boy November 15, 2016
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A toothless ugly imbecile, with breath that can kill, and body odor that will make you so mad you'll slap your mama.
He has a low paid stockboy job, even though he's middle-aged. Has an afro, even though he's white. He abused his children and hit them when they were newborn babies.
Unliked by all who meet him.
When you ook up "loser" in the dictionary, it just says "Darrin."
by Primadonna knows all. October 10, 2017
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