A tall, sexy boy he's been hurt before and he'll fight for the one he loves.
by Darrinsgirlfriend.😋 December 8, 2016
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Darrin is the most good looking, hottest , funniest and coolest guy you’ll meet. People all love him and want to be around him, however darrin doesn’t like most people. He picks the people he is around carefully and hates being around dumb, lazy and non ambitious people. He is the life of the party and makes every event a million times more fun by his presence and amazing music sense. He is mysterious and cool and people are drawn to him because of that vibe he gives off. He is serious when he needs to be and playful when out. Family is important to him and he’s very protective over them so dont mess with his family. Darrin is very competitive and loves winning. He is sporty and is the best at playing games.

Darrin is tall, sexy and has beautiful broad shoulders. Girls love him and guys are threatened by him. Never does he pay attention to any girl cause he only has eyes for his lady. He does anything for her and always makes her feel like a queen. No other guy does it better than him. Once he has a good thing he’ll forever hold on to it and never let it go.

Darrin is perfect.
“Wow who is that tall guy over there? It seems like he is not approachable

- “Thats darrin, he is the coolest guy you’ll meet! He has a girlfriend and is very loyal to her. I wish i had a boyfriend like darrin”
by Whatweallthink May 22, 2021
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Darrin, is a kindhearted guy thats not either short or tall. He has brown hair and most likely has a perm. He is a big flirt and knows how to get the girls. He respects his girls and knows how to keep a relationship. Never get on his bad side though cuz he knows how to throw hands.
Girl 1: did you see Darrin today? Hes lookin mighty fine!

Girl 2: Yes! Hes hella cute
by Jayden (girl) August 31, 2019
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1)Though only of average height, a Darrin is superbly athletic, and thus far more attractive to women than the average mortal.
2) Due to the Darrin's height disadvantage, his penis will occasionally drag on the ground as he walks. In the case of an erection (sometimes refered to as a Nathan), decreased brain funciton is a common result as there is not enough blood for both the brain and penis
1)"man, I just got beat in a race"
"I know dude, he's a total darrin"
"shit, there goes my Girlfriend!"
2)"where did all the blood go?"
"to my penis, where it belongs"
3)haha, that Darrin just fell over cause of his huge Nathan
by Backflipaddict October 28, 2008
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A Darrin is of average height and knows how to talk to the ladies. When he finds a girl he is into he becomes very loyal and will treat his girl like a queen. But beware Darrin’s are super tough and will kick someone’s ass if you get on their bad side. Overall, Darrin’s are rare gems that need to be cherished.
by fuckaduck November 11, 2019
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Darrin is an amazing person. He is hurt inside but will try his hardest to be there for the people he loves. When he does wrong he realizes it. He apolagizes for his mistakes. He might be the lovable person youll ever meet. He might not have all the best features in his apperence, but he has a damn good personality.
New girl - “whos that?” Student - “that might be the best person youll ever meet, his name is darrin :)”
by Mr.Oofed November 8, 2020
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A small guy with facial hair. He has a lot of girl friends and has a big cock.
Ur such a Darrin!
by Hustin January 30, 2019
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