Daro is one of the most beautiful names you have ever heard. It describes a person with a stunning character and an even more mind blowing knowledge of everything.

There are no downsides of being a Daro except the need of having a constant thirst for more knowledge.
Daros are also the most aesthetic looking human beings.
Chris: „ Have you heard of Daro?“
Linus: „This name doesn’t exist!”
Chris: “Well he is the best”
by flowerkingsmate January 6, 2020
Kurdish wonderfull name, he makes everyone laught every time and like to play videogames such as Counter Strike Global Offensive
He is "Daro" means basically he is perfect
by Daro.137 October 19, 2017
A hot boy that always kind and nice to people. He beautiful inside and outskde
That dude is Daro!
by yungdaro January 4, 2017
1. When an unfunny joke is proposed, the person is thought to have pulled a "Daros". The person is then usually required to "type"; the defining characteristic of being Daros'ed.

2. When a person is left out.
Get to typing, you've just been Daros'ed bitch.

Stephen has been such a fatass lately, we should daros him next time.
by RobD August 23, 2005
A term used to describe web hosts lacking the ability to gaurantee customers good service, good uptime, and other features. Hosts called of this name usually revoke retrievel of website content for website owners, and refuse any customer service. usually Usually associated with bad host managers.
I don't recommend that host. It's a daro host.
by gentiew August 27, 2003
immmediately following ejaculation during oral sex, a man covers a womans mouth and punches her in the stomach, causing the ejaculate to be expelled through the nasal passage. it appears that she has magically transformed into a medieval beast. this is only to be performed by brave knights
Shit i did a dirty daro yesterday its all over the walls !
by Daddyscumskut August 29, 2021