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meaning dang,darn,dam,damn,etc.
Those darm cats!

You burnt the darm pizza!
by Blakeg14 October 28, 2008
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the reaction you have when you find out your 14 year old alabama friend is really a 37 year old stalker still living with his mother
Colemans a stalker man, oh darm!
by Shannon and Shawn April 18, 2004
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1.An expression of elation; to be pleased with oneself; a sense of orgiastic achievement;
2.To be sexually aroused
3.A slang word for an attractive female, similar to chick or babe
Definition 1:
Guy: I got 89% in my History Essay!
Dude: Darm! Good stuff!
Definition 2:
*Girl giving you head*
Dude: Darm! Keep blowing!
Definition 3:
*Hot chick walks by*
Dude: Darm! Thats a fine ass!
by Blackstump November 11, 2003
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