There's approximately 745.3 Dark Lords in literature and pop-culture. I'll give you a run down of three (with a special guest at the end,) in order of creation.

Lord Sauron.
AKA: The Lord of the Rings, The Enemy, The Great Eye, The Dark Lord.
Traits: Bizarre ring fetish, kickass Mace of Pwnage, kickass minions of pwnosity.

Darth Vader
AKA: Anakin Skywalker, Lord Vader, The Dark Lord, James Earl Jones.
Traits: Lightsaber. Hell, everyone loves lightsabers... THE FORCE! Quotability to the max.

Lord Voldemort
AKA: You Know Who, The Dark Lord, He Who Must Not Be Named, Tom Riddle, Ralph Fiennes.
Traits: Bitchin' snake familiar, Near immortality due to splitting his soul, uh... cool eyes?

George W. Bush
AKA: Dubbyuh, Bushy, Bushy junior.
Traits: Horrible public speaking skills, inheriting the uncanny ability from his father to bring war to America, funny, sticky-outty ears.

I am the founder of the Dark Lord's union, PH34R MY 1337 H4xx0RZ $K!LLZ
by Alexander Girard December 31, 2005
Nickname used to describe the Associate Dean of the College of Education at ULM. Most likely due to his color rather than his personality.
Ooh gosh, here comes the Dark Lord again!
by The Masked Intruder! October 25, 2011
This is a sexual maneuver performed by first performing anal sex then slapping the girl across the face with your shit-covered light saber (penis).
She was only expecting anal, but he gave a dark lord.
by Reed and Matt January 12, 2004
The douchebag who wants to use his dick and his dickiness to fick yo gurl and to fuck up your entire goddamn LIFE.
Carter: So what got you down this time friends?
Jan: Tell him Tony.
Tony: It was Lenny he got his ass kicked by...Trent. But Trent then got his ass whooped by...HIM.
Carter: Oh no... Not Him...
Dickface: Who's HE?
Bob: It's...Jansworth. Wait no you're talking about Aiden aren't you?
Tony: Worse.
Jan: WAY FUcKING Worse!
Carter : no...
Because b: no...god...
Dickface: Don't tell me...
Bob: Oh no...
Tony: Oh yes.
Carter: Don't say his name!
Jan: It was Stephen 'Fuckerdoodle'' "Bully Bug" "Dickface" "Al Capone" "O'Donnel Bitchieness" Wankerdoodleswanswogsworn-th.
Caring Idiot: Not him!
Carter: The Dark Lord!
by either everyone or no one care November 15, 2015
A Wrestler from Several E-feds known for Undertaker like gimmick combined with a mankind esque gimmick. Mid to upper level E-Fedder but often prefers to stay in the lower ranks of the hardcore or tag team divisions. Is known for creating: Abaddons Pit Hang em High and Sacrafice Match.
John: Omg! Dark Lord just put that kid through the roof of a truck!
by ChildofLarkosi August 14, 2006
Cigarette, Tabacco. Slang.

Usage grew out of the increasing villification of smokers by self-righteous moral purists who believe smoking cigarettes is akin to devil worship. See also satanism, Fresh-Air Fascist.
"I'm going outside to worship The Dark Lord."
by Tessa Who September 3, 2005
-also My Lord; reference made to evil sorcerer Voldemort, from the Harry Potter series, by his followers, the Death Eaters.
"The Dark Lord is coming for you."
by hp is my drug =] June 24, 2007