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1. Noun. The act of manipulating or forming a partnership with a corporation or profit-making enterprise for a worthy cause, especially to fund charity, social services or social justice campaigns or events. Usually perceived to have mutual benefit for both parties.

2. Noun. The act of using, manipulating, or forming a partnership with a charitable organization in order to make a profit or increase a corporation's exposure to a market. Usually perceived to have mutual benefit for both parties.

Blendword formed by the compound of "co-opt" and "co-operation".

co-opetition, coopetition

"We decided to let them sell key-chains at the peace rally, and they'll fund our brochure campaign. It's co-opteration, man! We're hijacking the corporate marketing machine for PEACE!"

"Our co-opteration with PBS calls for funding a portion of the documentary budget; in return we will receive 15-second advertising spots on programs aimed at our target market."

by Tessa Who September 3, 2005
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Cigarette, Tabacco. Slang.

Usage grew out of the increasing villification of smokers by self-righteous moral purists who believe smoking cigarettes is akin to devil worship. See also satanism, Fresh-Air Fascist.
"I'm going outside to worship The Dark Lord."
by Tessa Who September 3, 2005
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1. Noun: A childless, usually single female who has one or several dogs and treats them as surrogate children, referring to herself as "Mommy".

2. Noun: A female dog-owner who insults parents of actual children by insisting that caring for a dog is as difficult as raising a human child.

3. Noun: A woman who has a gift for interacting with animals, but has difficulty with human social interaction.

4. Noun: A woman who consistently bores others with unsolicited anecdotes about her pet's behaviour, propensities, or illnesses.

Dog Lady: "Oh, Peekie kept me up all night whining. It's as hard as having a baby!"

Sane Girl: "Actually, it's NOTHING like raising a baby! I cannot leave my baby in the backyard all day while I go to work. Shake your head, you stupid Dog Lady!"


"Can you believe it? That stupid Dog Lady spent our whole business lunch talking about little Peekie's fucking hernia operation. Then, out came the Christmas pictures!! I just about went medieval on her sorry dog lady ass!"

by Tessa Who September 3, 2005
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to freak out, to crack under stress or pressure.

Specialized vocabulary used by scientists and engineers.

"You'd better stop interrupting, man. Dave's about to go nonlinear!"
by Tessa Who September 3, 2005
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1. (noun): a person who attempts to prevent cigarette or cigar smoking in public. Especially applicable in locations (bars, pubs, patios) where smoking is allowed.

2. (noun): A self-righteous and discourteous non-smoker who attempts to shame smokers by coughing loudly when walking past or rudely insisting that smokers are dirty, disgusting addicts who are killing themselves and others.

3. (noun): a person who offers unsolicited health information about the effects of smoking to complete strangers.

See also: Dark Lord, cigarette.

"When I lit up on the patio, some old lady asked me to stop killing her."

"Bloody fresh-air fascist!"
by Tessa Who September 3, 2005
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A phrase used by an older, wiser, or more experienced person to address a younger male, often in the context of explaining something complex or arcane.

Similar to young one, and obviously has its origins in Star Wars. See also: duh

"You've got a lot to learn about women, young Jedi."

by Tessa Who September 3, 2005
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