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When you think you are gonna get nice hard earned sex but end up with a fat whore.
Dan: Did you have your nice sex with Aneli?
Wanker: Turns out she lied and it wasn't nice sex.
Dan: Why and what kind then?
Wanker: Firstly I have AIDS, ebolda,?, genital herpes, crabs, and ebolaids.
Dan: That's bad but again, WHAT kind?
Wanker: it wasn't Nice Sex, it was Hice Sex.
Dan: ...
Wanker: it was hice
Dan: ...oh god...
by either everyone or no one care November 15, 2015
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The douchebag who wants to use his dick and his dickiness to fick yo gurl and to fuck up your entire goddamn LIFE.
Carter: So what got you down this time friends?
Jan: Tell him Tony.
Tony: It was Lenny he got his ass kicked by...Trent. But Trent then got his ass whooped by...HIM.
Carter: Oh no... Not Him...
Dickface: Who's HE?
Bob: It's...Jansworth. Wait no you're talking about Aiden aren't you?
Tony: Worse.
Jan: WAY FUcKING Worse!
Carter : no...
Because b: no...god...
Dickface: Don't tell me...
Bob: Oh no...
Tony: Oh yes.
Carter: Don't say his name!
Jan: It was Stephen 'Fuckerdoodle'' "Bully Bug" "Dickface" "Al Capone" "O'Donnel Bitchieness" Wankerdoodleswanswogsworn-th.
Caring Idiot: Not him!
Carter: The Dark Lord!
by either everyone or no one care November 15, 2015
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