A person who judge people by their age. Usually hate to communicate with people who are younger than himself.
-"I don't like him because he is 3 years younger than me."
-"Don't be such an ager."
by agojama October 22, 2012
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Short for age regression, a 100% sfw coping mechanism for some people to deal with trauma or mental illness. It is not at all affiliated with age play, which is a kink, and many regressers don’t like interacting with those into age play
“Why do you have a pacifier?” “Oh, I’m an age regresser.”
“You keep tagging pictures with ‘agere’, what does that mean?” “It’s short for age regression!”
by Angelicsky August 15, 2018
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Agere is a shortened version of age regression. Age regression is 100% sfw. Agere is a coping mechanism for all people. Some people age regress if they are feeling bad mentally. Agere isn't always a choice and sometimes is used as a form of therapy due to childhood trauma. Age regression is NOT age play, a kink.
Agere is a good coping mechanism that I use.
by Djgyqnfueyf July 26, 2021
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a shortened term for age regression. it is a coping mechanism where you regress to a younger state of mind. it is NOT kink or sexual in any way.
there are a lot of agere communities on sites like tumblr or tiktok
by p0pzii October 16, 2021
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pronounced " a gurd"

To be slightly annoyed but in a good way; for friends to annoy with childish tomfoolery/taunts.
that prick has agered my head off me but i dont mind really
by jon ronson July 30, 2006
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Latin for “to act on the things to do
Let’s agree to agere
by Flux Pistol May 10, 2020
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Term for a member of the generation of children raised in the Screen Age, specifically ones savvy with touchscreen devices such as iPads and iPhones.
Kris' 7 year is old is such a screen-ager, she doesn't even know what a crayon is!
by lcritterl July 19, 2011
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