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The socialist, economy killings years when Barrack Hussein Obama was (is) President of The United States of America.
Tom "Do you remember the Dark Ages?"

Bill "Yes. Obama ran the deficit up, then his health care policies caused my company to put me down to part time work."
by Stoolsample November 07, 2013
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Verb. -Technique used at the gas-pump when you are short on cash and wish to fool the casual observer into thinking that you are not.
Here is an example of The Pump Fake: If you only have $10 to put in the tank, you subtly release the pump trigger a few times between the $8 and $10 mark. Hopefully, this will fool anyone who happens to be watching into thinking that you are simply topping off your gas tank before a long trip, and that you are not actually broke as hell!
by Stoolsample January 03, 2014
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