The sexiest, coolest, funniest, most awesome kid alive.

Martial arts master.
I love Darcy!

Darcy took on the entire bar last night and was the only one left alive at the end.
by talkhard818 November 05, 2008
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Darcy is a sweet lovable person who will always be there for you. She is a pretty person and often attracts the eye of many people. If you're friends with a Darcy, you're very lucky since you've found a sweet and loyal friend.
Guy 1: "Is that Darcy?"
Guy 2: "Yeah, she's the most sweet and beautiful person you'll ever meet."
Guy 1: "Wow, her friends must be lucky!"
by bellsuna_ August 29, 2020
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sexy, talented, under-rated goddess. bassist for the smashing pumpkins. better than melissa auf der maur.
d'arcy can kick melissa's ass.
by brittles August 28, 2004
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when a senior chooses to take a junior course in order to make friends and feel like a "tuph guy"
"Dude, are you taking any sciences this year?"
"Yah, I'm taking Chemistry 11."
by Frass, is tis wer put name? December 18, 2009
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A sexy girl with an equally sexy imagination. A personal hug drug. Someone who can make you feel better.
by Bella_Wheatley June 29, 2014
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a term, usually shortened to darc (pronouced dar_ss) used in reference to people with great skill or an adjective for an astonishing feat
that chick is so darcy!

that guy is so darc at football

that trick was darc
by jimmmmmmbob May 04, 2006
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to get your eye cumed on so fiercly that it becomes lazy.
1:wtf is up with her eye
2: she got a darcy last night
3: ohh i gave a darcy to my ex
by gibblesandbits March 03, 2010
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