Darcy is a cool lad. He loves having a laugh, and hanging with his friends. He is very intelligent and is a sweet heart when it comes to family and his other loved ones. Darcy is also a very attractive man ;) He's a sporty kind of dude and always cheers for his team. He seems very confident and passionate, but to his one and only, he can become shy and blush every now and then c; Such a sweet guy!
"Look, it's the handsome fella, Darcy!"
"Oh yeah, I've seem him around, he's a very good friend of mine!"
by Sophie.R <3 November 19, 2017
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The most lovely bloke in the world if you see a Darcy your either going to end up in bed with him or out the back of the pub and will put a smile on your face that you will never get rid of if you friends with a Darcy your life is complete this guy and so cheerful and full of surprises yo will think your in heaven but watch him cause if you are his mate your girl could end up with this sneaky bastard he know how to play with the lady strings
There's Darcy hide your women mark

I'm sad "darcy walks in" Tina is starstruck
by the secret man December 22, 2013
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Amazing body, sexy, 90% of Darcy's have abs, Beautiful, hot, babe magnet, lovable, amazing kisser
Wow, look it's Darcy! She's amazing!
by NameMeanings October 25, 2012
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An extremely handsome man with uncanny drumming abilities. To be watched carefully due to his habit of taking over the world every 3014 years, ruling over it for 9 months before getting bored and leaving again.
It has been 3013 years, 11 months and 27 days since the last D'Arcy Domination and D'Arcy Laws.
D'Arcy Law 1: In the year 1031 BC, D'Arcy decreed that all terrible musicians and lyricists should be eradicated. This resulted in the planet's sole music source being D'Arcy's minstrel band Catapulting Towards Tamareth.
by Emmunny February 14, 2010
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The epitome of flustration; rage at its finest.
Darcy kicked the door in again

I know, he's so flustered.
by D1SN October 13, 2008
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The most amazing guy you will ever meet. He's hard working. An amazing lover. Amazing in bed. He has the biggest heart, and will love and care about someone a full 110%. You will never want to let this keeper go once you have him.
He's so good to you, he must be a Darcy
by gingerhoe September 16, 2014
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