The best pal. What a pal. Literally the definition of the pal you need in your life.
Omg it's Darby, what a pal
by DelphicDrifter October 20, 2017
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That horse girl that sends crackhead energy and shows people how she has feet
Omg did you see that girl?
Darby?! Oh scrap is she near if so I need to rub
by Yepimmacat October 19, 2019
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Darby is also a guy. Super nice but can still kick ass. Never lets someone cry alone and doesn't let people get bullied.
Thanks Darby, for helping me through this.
by MutatedCrow August 25, 2018
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Darby is the love of my life. She’s caring, smart, open-minded, and passionate. Her drive and motivation inspires. Her ability to equivocate is unmatched. She crawls in your head, makes herself at home, and you thank her for it. She’s competitive in the most adorable way. She’s naturally very beautiful, to the point where others notice and comment. There’s nothing not to love about her, which is why I love her so much.
“Hey man wanna go out for drinks and hit on some cute girls?”

“Nah, I’m cooking dinner for Darby tonight.”

“You make her dinner every night!”

“And I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”
by Sarcastic Cherub June 08, 2020
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She's the best friend. She'll always make you smile, and she's so optimistic. She's also beautiful and graceful. She seems to glide through life. She has the best laugh that is always contagious, and she is always loyal. She is the perfect girl.
I wish I were more like Darby.
by ShootHoops19 March 18, 2020
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Not so much a street name in a pimptastic southern NC city as it is a state of being, commonly associated with a certain "swagger"
Dem Boyz on Darby are wild and out of control. Gettin all crunk and hoppin bout to rap music all nite
by Bork August 03, 2005
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obligatory friend; a person who is a lifelong friend that you keep around to try to socialize to standard but never quite fits in
Cool Guy 1: This party is really cool.... except for the guy in the corner, who is that?
Cool Guy 2: Oh, it's cool... that's my Darby
Cool Guy 1: Oh, OK
by S.K.A.M.M. September 18, 2010
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