A chick from Florida who randomly changes subjects.
by KageGamer February 15, 2004
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An average person who sometimes hangs out with creepy people, that can be funny. She is fun loving and crazy, and she loves to party and have a good time.
Wow, Darby you're a crazy party animal, but you aren't quite as cool as an Ashlyn.
by cooler.dan.u March 24, 2009
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she is a lovely gal and is often the prettiest in the room. she is an amazing friend but is incredibly short even though she doesn’t believe it. she is VERY short. very,very,very shorttttttt :) it’s funny. like 3ft like a hobbit maybe.
alma: that person is so short.

rachel: yes but not nearly darby size. darby is in a whole other league.
by _roadworkaheadyeah_ April 19, 2020
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The saltiest person that you will come in contact with. If she’s corrected in any way; she will proceed to produce more salt than the bodies of water on planet Earth.
Darby: i know im pretty amazing

Guy: You did not you correct punctuation with that sentence
Darby: Sorry, I cannot understand your sentence; for the punctuation is incorrect.
by The_Evergreen March 04, 2019
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Darby is usually a short girl that is blond. If u have a friend or girlfriend named Darby you are a very lucky person. She is an amazing person and if you offend her she will cry but she will get up with a smile on her face. She gets emotional when people move or she moves. She will usually have four or five best friends. She will have blue eyes and get annoyed or embarrassed when people look at them. Find a Darby and love her. AND NEVER BADMOUTH HER SHE WILL FIGHT YOU!!!!!
Darby is my best friend.
via giphy
by #CHEESYUNICORN June 10, 2017
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A township in Delaware County Pennsylvania. There is also a Darby Borough in Delaware county too. Running near thoses two towns is Darby creek. There is also a Darby road in the township of Haverford.
I don't remember if Bob lives in Darby township or Darby borough. Or does he live on Darby road? I think I killed some brain cells swimming in Darby creek.
by Grant June 12, 2004
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