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The coolest person in the entire world. Also the center of the universe.
Darby! You are soooooo cool!
by Darby October 19, 2004

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Sagging milk mountains.
Not knowing Grandma had come for a visit and being stuffed with prune brownies, Carl burst into the bathroom only to spy her enormous, pendulous orbs.
by Darby January 22, 2004

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Another one of the thousands if not tens of thousands of synonyms for coochie. See Furburger
That fat Chick is so drunk I think she's ready to give up the moose eye.
by Darby January 22, 2004

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The condition you might find yourself in after consuming copious amounts of an adult beverage and taking a handfull of Zanax.
Look at poor Mike. Yup, he's sideways again!
by darby January 25, 2004

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