A holiday traditionally held on the Sunday after Thanksgiving (when turkeys can be bought for like $2 each), Danksgiving is a celebration and time to give thanks for man's ability to fuck himself up.

To this end, many traditional Danksgiving meals are prepared, often some spin-off of Thanksgiving foods but typically with marijuana and/or alcohol being incorporated into the ingredients. Pot brownies, potatoes with cannabutter, cranberry jello shots, vodkamelons, and of course the Danksgiving Turkey are cooked in a communal setting, and then consumed all at once during the traditional Danksgiving Feast.

Heavy drinking and smoking are also encouraged throughout the entire day of Danksgiving, especially in the form of group games that emphasize getting fucked up as much as possible.
"I'm pretty sure last year's Danksgiving celebration was the best Danksgiving ever, but I don't remember any of it."
"That's what Danksgiving's all about."
by E-Dubs January 8, 2008
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Essentially the 4/20 at the other end of the calendar and celebrated on the day after Thanksgiving ("Black Friday"), Danksgiving is a holiday spent with friends as opposed to family (since most people spend time with their families on Thanksgiving anyway). Most treat it as a potluck, with everyone bringing their leftovers from Thanksgiving for the collective group. Celebrators typically enjoy massive amounts of ale and marijuana as well.
"Happy Danksgiving Toph, what are you dankful for?"

"I'm dankful for this dank turkey, dank Yuengling and dank kush."
by S. Baloney November 26, 2009
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Getting as high as you can before eating your Thanksgiving meal
Today we give thanks to the Lord our Ganj, for this bountiful Danksgiving meal.
by Josh Malk November 29, 2011
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1) When you go to a thanksgiving party and everything goes as planned and the turkey is perfectly cooked.
2) After smoking a lot and I mean a lot of weed, get the munchies, and then have an "awesome" meal
3) What I did on thanksgiving, go to a boring ass hippy party, find some friends that you werent expecting to see, getting some chronic joints blazed, passing them to the right, and having a "fuckin sweet" time.
Square: Man I had the best Thanksgiving ever, it was so dank! Almost like a Danksgiving...
Smokey McPot: Dude my old highschool friend came up from LA last weekend he we got him so baked!!! (laughter) he thought it was the best Danksgiving ever!
Me: (2:30 pm) Dude we have to be here till like 6.
Me: Why is it taking so long to roll that joint??
(minutes later) *cough* *cough* Dude this gravy is giving me funny looks... (more laughter)
by Pete...Jones November 27, 2009
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Dang Sabrina, that was a pretty lit Danksgiving!! Can't wait for next year!
by RamLed November 25, 2016
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Just the popular holiday, Thanksgiving, only prepared with weed as the key ingrediant in every dish. A very fun way to celebrate your blessings.

"Hey did you hear, Jack's mom is having Danksgiving at her house this year."

"Yeah, she's marinating the whole bird in weed. Should be sweet."


"Thursday is Thanksgiving with my family, then Friday is Danksgiving with my friends. 'Tis the season."
by hellahella November 17, 2006
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