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A holiday traditionally held on the Sunday after Thanksgiving (when turkeys can be bought for like $2 each), Danksgiving is a celebration and time to give thanks for man's ability to fuck himself up.

To this end, many traditional Danksgiving meals are prepared, often some spin-off of Thanksgiving foods but typically with marijuana and/or alcohol being incorporated into the ingredients. Pot brownies, potatoes with cannabutter, cranberry jello shots, vodkamelons, and of course the Danksgiving Turkey are cooked in a communal setting, and then consumed all at once during the traditional Danksgiving Feast.

Heavy drinking and smoking are also encouraged throughout the entire day of Danksgiving, especially in the form of group games that emphasize getting fucked up as much as possible.
"I'm pretty sure last year's Danksgiving celebration was the best Danksgiving ever, but I don't remember any of it."
"That's what Danksgiving's all about."
by E-Dubs January 08, 2008

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A sexual position for one male and two females, in which the male lies flat while giving oral sex to one female and vaginal sex to the other, and then the two females give high fives with both hands. The female equivalent of the Eiffel Tower.
"Women think it's condescending when guys Eiffel Tower them, but I still love it when chicks give me a Golden Gate Bridge."
by E-Dubs October 25, 2006

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verb; to yell at or chew into a douchebag for something stupid he/she did. Typically said by Maine hicks without proper understanding of real English.
crude out: "The mustache lady at Subway fucked up my order again, so I cruded that bitch out."
by E-Dubs May 31, 2006

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A person who hasn't matured past the first grade due to a harrowing incident when his teacher turner a potty training lesson into full-on molestation involving some, if not all, of the classroom pets, chipped pieces of chalk, and Elmer's glue. A Tim-Tim is now forced into a life obsession with feces, boners, barfing, and any other sexual deviant act or bodily fluid. He relieves these pent-up childhood memories by posting made-up words on urbandictionary, sometimes more than once.
"Did you see that bullshit word on urbandictionary? Must be the work of a tim-tim."
by E-Dubs November 22, 2007

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Pronounced "ray-jah": Maine slang for a large party, usually in the woods, and usually involving multiple kegs, big bonfires, and plenty of ass for all.
"Yo guy, theyah's gonna be a big rager behind my bahn, it's gonna be fuckin' SWEEEEEEET, guy!!!"
by E-Dubs May 29, 2006

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