The term "dank" is often used to describe a meme in which the comedy is excessively overdone and nonsensical, to the point of being comically ironic. Dank memes often contain intentionally added visual artifacts. e.g. excessively poor image quality, color bleeding or extremely saturated and modulated colors, or patterns that indicate that the image has been compressed and decompressed extensively. These artifacts, although artificially produced in dank memes, usually indicated that an image has circulated through many virtual hands and been reposted and modified multiple times. When in video format, dank memes often contain audio artifacts, such as feedback or extremely loud and unpleasant audio, also known as ear rape. Dank memes share many characteristics with the A E S T H E T I C and youtube poop themes. In fact, "dank" is often used as an umbrella term for these themes and other variations, although it should be noted that the A E S T H E T I C theme usually uses said artifacts to produce pleasant and, some might say beautiful, visual and audio, rather than the crude humor of youtube poops and other dank memes. All of these themes share the hallmarks of digital artifacts and excessiveness to conver irony and comedy.
This meme is too dank for my taste.

Look at these dank memes.
by p December 18, 2017
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The gnome.
Ur mum m8.
Old People.
Y tho.
Nicolas Cage.
Bill Nye.
Scooby Doo.
Jimmy Neutron.
Thomas The Train.
Dank Memes are Donald Trump
by Dave Stridork May 14, 2016
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A meme that is funny for its dank as fuck MLG content. Typically involves Shrek or Sanic.
by TrumpisDad December 1, 2016
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The golden age (2015-???), The dank-Memebrian. The era which we live in undoubtedly the pinnacle of memes. What marks this era is the full synchronization of memes and also social media particularly FaceBook and Twitter. Memes are shared in a rate which dwarfs the rate they were shared in the Memebrian Era. Memes in this era are obscure, cryptic and just down right dank. One of the main traits of the dank-Memebrian era is the appearance of 'Super-Memes' essentially a singular meme which would dominate FaceBook groups and Twitter feeds for weeks even months at a time, Harambe, SpongeBob, Mr Crabs, Arthur, Dat Boi, the list goes on. These memes would circulate in their pure form for a while and then they experience a remix period when the meme would be tweaked in a small way to add spice to it until it would ultimately become stale and dies out from over use. Lets move on to YouTube, youtube is still a major contributor to meme culture however the focus has shift from viral videos to exposed videos. Now there are massive YouTube channels which by parody and actively roast and create memes out of other of other people for comedy sake, and it's beautiful. Over all Dank Memes are what keep the internet in shape to keep thriving for what the future beholds for it.
Harambe did nothing wrong

Here come dat boi oh shit waddup

Dank memes for life
by Negro tech support September 4, 2017
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A meme that is very cool, well populated and known well.

To most, it is a racist, ear rape or compilation. Most are found on YouTube
Person A: Dude! have you seen Dat Boi?
Person B: Hell yeah that's my favorite dank meme.
Person A: Dank Memes are epic!
by Pyrolax March 15, 2017
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Le dank memes are a way of life these dank memes are very popular and people all around the world love them, so its basically an overused meme. But that takes too much effort so we call them dank.
Have you been browsing le reddit for the dank memes? Yes I found a pretty dank meme.
by DcuMaximus November 23, 2015
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They are something we need to survive, not food or water, dank memes
Dank memes is life, thx spongebob 👌🏻
by TheDankestWizard August 6, 2017
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