15 definitions by TrumpisDad

A fucking racist ass motherfucker who looks like he came out his mom's ass and look like a damn gnome.
Everybody type in the chat that Keemstar is a racist shitbag.
by TrumpisDad December 1, 2016
35 year old men who are still virgins living in their mothers' basements. They regularly watch hentei and jack off to Pokémon because they have no fucking life.
When I found out my cousin was a Weeaboo, I went on a treasure hunt to find my favorite rifle.
by TrumpisDad December 3, 2016
One of the edgiest, dankest memelords of today’s society. Residing in the far off land of maple syrup. (Also known as Canada) he regularly makes and posts memes from the luxury of his parent’s basement.
Did you see that Trayvon Vert post yesterday?

Yeah man, he beats all the shitty normie accounts by far.
by TrumpisDad February 6, 2018
An evil man whose intent is to cause terror and disaster to all Americans and people who oppose him.
Roses Are Red. Harambe's In Heaven. Evidence To Suggest That George W. Bush did 9/11.
by TrumpisDad December 2, 2016
They are the root of all evil. They take your money, your time, and your pride. Children will never stop being children and will be forever parasites and won't ever fucking move out of your basement. So unless you want to lose the rest of your life to an ungrateful degenerate, you should wear a fucking condom like I fucking said, Karen!
We was boutta smash it raw, but I don't want no children.
by TrumpisDad December 2, 2016
A disease that causes society's shittiest problems. Children.
I put my penis in her ass so I wouldn't make a child on accident.
by TrumpisDad December 1, 2016
The title taken by manly, near perfect male specimen with masterful brains and long penises. The only way to become a Memelord is to dedicate your paltry existence to iFunny and then proclaim yourself a lord of your very own memedom.
I let him fuck me because he's a memelord.
by TrumpisDad December 5, 2016