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Protosmasher is an exploit for the game ROBLOX and has become widely popular for its massive capabilities of injection and cheating in ROBLOX, however recently the update times to keep the exploit usable have been lacking and users have become unhappy. Slappy (the creator), however, is making a patch to make the update times much faster than it would usually take to update.
Bill: "Yo, protosmasher just got updated with a cool patch adding bypasses for a new check!"
Tim: "Yeah but synapse still updates faster"
Bill: "But proto has better features?"
by Pyrolax March 14, 2018
Pepsicola is a person in a large group online, this person is intelligent and is actually logical unlike most people in the group. However she is lesbian so that is a downside (males want her).
Yo Pepsicola, you doin' fineee
Bitch I have a girlfriend.
by Pyrolax September 4, 2018
A meme that is very cool, well populated and known well.

To most, it is a racist, ear rape or compilation. Most are found on YouTube
Person A: Dude! have you seen Dat Boi?
Person B: Hell yeah that's my favorite dank meme.
Person A: Dank Memes are epic!
by Pyrolax March 15, 2017
PPaP is a meme that is found on the site of YouTube
Person A: Hey dude wanna sing PPaP?
Person B: Hell yeah!
Person A + B: I have a pen, I have an apple, Ugh APPLE PEN
by Pyrolax December 8, 2016