Daniel is funny as hell and will make you laugh your balls off. Everyone needs a Daniel in their life. Daniel’s can get really romantic, but their heart can be broken easily. Daniel is also stubborn at times depending on the situation. Daniel is definitely a friend to keep, also don’t make enemies with a Daniel.
by LilMobNiglet March 06, 2018
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He has the biggest chode you’ve ever seen. He ignores people for fun but is really nice and hot.
Girl 1: Some dude started a convo with me then ended it.
Girl 2: must be a Daniel.
by Natannnnnsimeeeeee January 05, 2018
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Daniel is a guy who starts being nice to you shows you that nice side. But be careful don’t get too close cause he can hurt you badly. Because secretly he’s an asshole who only cares about himself
Oh look it’s Daniel”

“Be careful don’t get hurt by him, it frickin sucks”
by Sassymcsasser123 January 19, 2018
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Usually a person who is weak, but confident. They often shy from situations and are easily scared of things.
You’re like Daniel; he’s a pussy.
by Warrington Shireton January 29, 2018
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God, he's a mess. Many girlfriends, very sporty. Gets cheated on. IF THERE IS A MORGAN ANYWHERE HE IS WITH HER!
Daniel, what the heck!
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by ISHIPBRAKE February 05, 2018
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Daniel is a green eyed light brown hair basketball kinda guy, he is shy around girls he is super cute and probably one of the most caring guys a girl could ask for..your one lucky girl if ur the girlfriend of a daniel very few girls take the chance.. Daniel is really funny to he will make anyones day and he knows what to do to put a smile on your face,, one of the best guys a girl could ask for..
Me- have u met daniel?

U- no, whose that.
Me- follow me.
U- ok🙌🏽
by Minktastic2005 December 17, 2017
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A gay man who has a girlfriend although they hate each other
Daniel and his girlfriend broke up again
by Ishaac November 15, 2017
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