Daniels tend to be self loving, arrogant, egotistical mirror lovers who will try to worm their way into anyone’s knickers, literally, anyone’s! Do not trust the Daniel. Appear to be friendly in appearance but this is just a charade because underneath that cheeky chappy act is a devious, two faced extremist who would literally mosh top his own bullet hole if he could. In extreme cases of Daniels they can also be ginger.
Frank "Man my girl is cheating on me with some dude"
Benny "Sorry dude, that guy is obviously a Daniel"

Betty "Check that guy out over there girl, loving his own ass"
Rita "Uh huh girlfriend, he is a Daniel"
by Chatty Girl March 05, 2015
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Very smart and athletic. Freckles and blue eyes. Perfect role model for kids. Everyones friend and often complemented by adults. Enjoyable to all. Parents are hard working and intelligent. Teachers enjoy. Often admired for hard work.
kid1" did you hear about what Daniel got on the last test?"
kid 2"yeah he's so smart, he should tutor me!"
by Boi777 November 07, 2017
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1.A goober!

2.A name given to a person who is astonishingly hot looking like Vin Diesel.

3.An incredible friend who likes to quarrel about the silliest things. He gets frustrated after a while of arguing. Is often reserved and shy. Can be sweet and caring.
Daniel is cute just kidding
by RuvimaPlayZ December 31, 2016
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A really sexy guy that has nice biceps, does not have much of a booty, plays football, and about 5'11. Extremely sarcastic, but in bubbly way. He can be racist, homophobic, and an asshole but hey you gotta love him!
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No, daniel is a thot, he daddy af tho, he has A N X I E T Y, btw, he should not have a girlfriend, he's- *ahem* "s- senpai, b- but no" material, tbh he should just fuck his best friend, tbh
B- but daddyyyyyyyyyyyyy...........OK FINE, DANIEL,YA THOT
via giphy
by FatherThot February 06, 2018
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basically a guy with a real small dick no one lines
asshole, amirite
bob: see that Daniel?
joe:yeah, he's such an ass
by J3orvik October 22, 2017
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