With absolutely no deference to the dame it references, a Judi Dench is a colossal bowel movement.
He left a big Judi Dench in the toilet for everyone to admire.
See Irvine Welsh's novel FILTH for further elaboration.
by C.W. Smith May 21, 2004
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To lift one’s leg in the air, like a cat, and reveal one’s butthole. Often done spontaneously and to surprise others. Requires flexibility to lift one’s leg nearly vertically. See film Cats (2019) for reference.
Girl to friend: Can you believe Britney?! She just Judi-Denched herself and then kissed her boyfriend. Iconic.

Chad: Bro, I met this girl on Tinder that wants to watch me Dench. Should I go for it?

Trent: Yeah bro, I’ve been Judi-Denching for my girl since spring break.
by Prudence19 December 31, 2021
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"Don't go into that bathroom--there is a ripe Judy in there!"
by Hyacinth Bucket November 17, 2004
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An expression of anger or sexual longing
Sexual: I'm going to Dame Judy Dench the shit out of you (winky face)
Anger: I'M GOING TO DAME JUDY DENCH THE SHIT OUT OF YOU!!!!!! (Aggressive face)
by faeceious gelatinous October 28, 2013
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