In my opinion, Dane Cook is the funniest man currently alive. Dane Cook is a stand-up comedian and a Massachusetts native. He is best known for his real-life antics and for his notorious hand gesture the Super Finger, normally shortened to Su-Fi. One of his most recent performances, and my all-time favorite was the Dane Cook: Vicious Circle HBO Special. He is also know for a game he started entitled "Who's In My Mouth?"
Dane Cook- "...And then you get that tap, that sudden just- tap. And who is it? You turn to see who it is, and who is it? The World! The World is behind you saying, 'Uh, yeah, hi. In case you haven't noticed, I'm the fucking world. And, in case you don't know... You're gonna cry."
by Matt N.us October 16, 2006
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A comedian who everyone who is under 5 years old thinks is effing hiliairous whereas Daniel Tosh is clearly funnier.
Random Person On The Street: Omg Lolz! Dane Cook is so funny!!
Me: Wow you're a dumbass.

^^ My opinion is the Morgan Freeman of the opinion world.
by Morgan Porterfield Freeman Jr. February 15, 2009
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Talented, intelligent, creative, funny, and a hard working human being. Now known as one of the "greats" of comedy, he continues to push himself to be successful in other alley ways of life. From comedy, to acting, to singing, to guitar playing, to broadway his talents are endless. He's living his dream and haters can't stand it.
Human #1: "What made you write this story?"

Human #2: "I have an infinite fuse of inspiration and imagination when Dane Cook is apart of the creation."

Human #2: "Wow, that's deep."

Human #1: "I know, I can't help it."
by Unicornically Speaking February 03, 2011
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Made a hilarious and classic comedy album named Harmful If Swallowed and a terrific Comedy Central Presents. He then released a CD called Retaliation with twice the CDs and half the comedy. Promised fans a cool bonus for pre-ordering this CD from Comedy Central's website. The bonus: a cheap aluminum dog-tag necklace. At about this time became a self-promoting ego-maniac who can't shut up about how many MySpace friends he has and how many comedy records he's broken.
Man, remember how cool the old Dane Cook was? Yeah, let's hope he joins us here on earth again someday.
by ComFan August 30, 2007
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Dane cook is the man. One of the funniest dudes of all times. Go to youtube.com and look him up and if you don't laugh then you are one of satan's child (jk) But he is a funny comedian.
Did you know the Price of Right wheel is full of blood- Dance COok

I never like to throw parties because people lose your shit. Hey Where's my mom?-Dane Cook

Ummm, I Broke your refrigerator door, I don't know how-Dane COok

She gave me a kiss and before i knew it she said UHHHHHHH-Dane Cook

These are all from Insomiac Tour
by Gozzy August 20, 2006
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verb: the degeneration of the funniness of a comedian or comedy movie caused by dumb assholes quoting that comedian or movie OVER AND OVER AND OVER again untill he/she/it is no longer fucking funny.
Napolean Dynamite was a great movie, until it got dane cooked; the dumbasses in my history class kept saying "do you ever take it off any sweet jumps?" OVER AND OVER until I began to actually hate the movie which I had originally liked very much.

YES- Dane Cook is a very funny comedian. However it is annoying as fuck when retarded douchebags quote him again and again. He is not the only comedian in the world. Please stop quoting him. AND PLEASE DON'T try to pass any his jokes off as your own. I have seen this happen many times, and it was painful on every occasion.
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the most awesome comic like ever! he made 2 hit cds retalliation, and harmful if swallowed. hes superduper funny, check him out on Youtube if you get a chance
Dane Cook is fucking funny.
by s;isuij June 30, 2006
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