The character inspired by the Adam Sandler movie (2008). With his superhuman strength, Zohan is counter terrorist and is loved by his local Israelis. His passion includes cutting and stylin hair, hummus, and of course involving himself in the big bang (i.e sexual intercourse) with women that are rather old.
by Lil wayne 13 June 13, 2008
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An incredible person with many strengths and abilities. Also known as the main character from the movie " Don't mess with the Zohan" or more discretely known as Andre Penderis
e.g. Who is the Zohan?

Oh you know it's the casual Andre Penderis
by MCdinglechain December 16, 2019
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A big bush of pubes, like the character Zohan.
I was about to go down on her, but when I pulled her knickers off her pussy was so hairy... She had a zohan man.
by Pandersdrw November 15, 2013
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When a person gets invited to someone their house and thereafter fucks their mom
Hey didn't he pulled The Zohan on John yesterday
by The Zohan so let's go February 23, 2020
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(-ed) (-s):
The action of swinging one's leg vertically high in the air, almost parallel with the body. Much akin to the action a stripper makes during a floor show, however with the intent of showing off one's shoes or foot/ankle jewelry.
OMG - My boss just zohaned me to show me her new Gucci shoes. That was totally inappropriate. Someone needs to talk to her before she zohans the VP.
by Jbt003 May 28, 2008
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brain usage goes down to 0% during video games. anybody who watches patient with this syndrome play videogames can have their brain physically shrunk by 15%. treatment can help but this condition is not curable
bro you are so bad at this game, get yourself checked for zohan syndrome
by therealladdu February 1, 2021
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