To be the Dane Cook of something means to appear as though you have a certain level of mastery in your field usually due to status or popularity but upon closer examination there is very little coherence or substance.

Opinions of Dane Cook's comedic talent vary greatly. The rational however is that during his performances Mr. Cook gives out a lot of energy and expresses himself with wild movements giving the illusion that he is funny. Upon closer examination however, his material seems shallow and contains very little substance.

This was popularized by the TV Show Archer where the main character Archer describes Karate as the Dane Cook of martial arts.

Also, during a Family Guy episode where two generic characters are attending Mr. Cooks performance one character asks the other if Dane Cook had actually said something funny, to which he other character responds, that he since he is moving around a lot, he must have.
by Jimmy-Bean October 27, 2010
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The Gallagher of our generation. Dane Cook is a "comedian" that everyone seems to love despite his extreme mediocrity. His amazing lack of jokes combined with his ability to run around the stage like a five-year-old without his meds appeals to anyone without a soul or any knowledge of comedy. His trite and obvious observations contain no punchlines and often appeal to people with short attention spans.
You ever go into the bathroom and everything is WET? The floor is wet! The counters are wet! Everything's wet!

-Dane Cook

Uh... could it be because people piss on the floor and wash their hands aggressively?

-Andy Kindler
by Illusion February 20, 2007
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I accidentally saw this person on TV. He was telling how he used to be ugly but now is handsome with women falling all over him. He also told other "jokes."

Since I have not seen him on TV in many months, I suddenly missed his brand of absolutely no talent. Today I decided to write a short poem about the "comedian" known as Dane Cook.
I once saw Dane Cook on TV
Irritating the heck out of me
I watched in a trance
As he made faces and pranced
And asked myself, "What morons are paying good money to watch this crap?"

The end
by Norman R Fern May 25, 2012
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An overrated actor/comedian who isn't the least bit funny and is known for stealing his jokes from Louis CK. all he ever does is swear a lot and tell all these uninteresting and unfunny stories about his pathetic life, expecting people to laugh. Plus he's a singer, but a very, very bad one.
Dane Cook: Why do they call bananas bananas? Shouldn't they be called FUNanas because theyre fun and they're full of deliciousness? Isn't that like the point of eating a banana? Well that's why I eat a banana now STEP OFF!

Retarded audience: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! That Dane Cook.....
by Truelove February 26, 2008
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Frat boy: Dane Cook is AWWWEESOME! Let's have some coors bro!
by darkreign September 1, 2008
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a celebrity, mostly despised, with a mostly juvenile fan base and doomed to have his fame move down an endless slide into irrelevance as he grows older.

Also, a celebrity who's fame will quickly die after his prime and thus become a sad, punch-line version of himself.
Dude, I saw Andrew Dice Clay last night. It was so sad. He's almost as bad now as Dane Cook.
by sketto July 29, 2012
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