A fairly funny comedian who's humour can sometimes be very disturbingly close to the listener's thoughts about society. He has had several comedy albums and a few tv specials, but unfortunately has a rather lackluster film career. Lots of people love him, but everybody hates his worshipping audience, who seem to laugh at the least funny statements, mostly because it is made of 90% women who just want to have sex with him.
"I wanna fuck Dane Cook!" -any girl from age 15 to 30.

"That Dane Cook is a silly bitch.

"This fucking audience is getting on my nerves. -anyone listening to a Dane Cook album
by Quaff May 08, 2008
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The funniest douchebag on the planet.
From the good ("You've just driven into Fuckville") to the bad (the "superfinger"), Dane Cook is nevertheless an enjoyable act.
by Injectable July 15, 2008
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A decent comedian who has had an unfortunate amount of haters due to allegations that he stole jokes and whatnot, despite there being no sufficient evidence of him doing so.

Some comedian who was relatively unknown before this incident occurred by the name of "Lewis C.K." came out of the woods, and stated there were similarities in jokes. While this may be true, the man has no dates to back up when he said these things, or even evidence they are the same.

Dane Cook is known for his extremely crazy behavior on stage. His wackiness adds to the mood of most of his jokes. He uses observational humor, usually stating things nobody ever really noticed about the small things in life.

Dane Cook has the reputation of being one of the most hated comedians by fellow comedians and by many other people. This is due to the fact that he has been accused of joke stealing, as stated above. He's one of those people you can either watch, or just ignore.
Dane Cook: Did you ever get a really itchy asshole?

Louis C.K.: This is sure funny, I might just come out and say I first said this joke just so I can achieve some fame, despite my jokes being extremely boring and mediocre.
by Da Milkman May 18, 2009
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FUNNIEST COMEDIAN EVER!!!! don't listen to any thing that any hater says about him. he has an amazing delivery on his jokes and is hilarious. hands down the funniest comedian ever!!
snarky comedian actor hilarious su-fi bamf comedy central laugh fuck burger king kool aid shit coats dane cook
by funnykid99 February 25, 2010
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The white persons Dave Chapelle. he is a comedian that is uninhibited and makes such eccentric jokes that alot of people enjoy his show.
Dane Cook ,although a sucky version of Chapelle, who in my opinon isnt that funny just hi-strung and hyper, like a gerbil.
by Rudo January 05, 2006
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A great comedian, known for being in movies and TV, unfortunately. Many BAMF's can relate to his jokes, but his routines are always ruined by dane cook fans, who laugh at every other word he says, because he is a celebrity (See dane cook fan).

He has been performing stand up since the early 1990's, but has been treated like a god by these "fans" since the mid-2000's.
That Dane Cook is a silly bitch, but these stupid teenagers and little rich girls keep laughing so goddamn much!!!
by vorheez February 02, 2008
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