a Good ol' boy from the southern states of Alabama Georgia Louisiana Texas Virginia South and North Carolina Tennessee Florida Mississippi Arkansas and KENTUCKY
Im just a Southern boy from the Bluegrass.
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Male country bumpkin w/o teeth from Virginia, Carolinas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas.
When I was in Oklahoma I said, "Look at that there trailer yonder! The one with the Chevette on blocks in front, yep he must be a good old southern boy. YEE-HAW!!!!!"
by Mark Price March 9, 2006
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A male from the Southern United States typically sporting bama bangs, a vest, loafers, button down or polo, croakies, and khakis. His dating profile and social media always feature at least one fish pic. He goes wild for Take Me Home, Country Roads , Sweet Caroline, and Wagon Wheel to name a few. He is a die hard fan for his SEC university (#rolltide). Definitely has a Masters polo in his closet and wears it often.
OMG that Southern Boy Special (SBS) over there has some fresh bama bangs.
by anonymousSBS December 20, 2019
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An anotomical male who, instead of seeking out companionship in a significant other, opts to masturbate, thus satisfying his sexual needs. He has friends, thus satisfying his other human needs, but may not feel the desire or see the worth in cultivating a relationship.
I knew this guy, he was a real southern boy. I told him to give me a call when he had his life together. Last I heard he went to Minneapolis to become a welder. I wonder if he'll ever settle down with anybody.
by time_helmet January 3, 2008
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