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Dalmatian is a new up and coming Korean boy band. Dalmatian is made up of INATI (Dalmatian's leader), Day Day (Dalmatian's rapper), DARI (Dalmatian's rapper), JISU (Dalmatian's Vocal), DRAMA (Dalmatian's Vocal), and YOUNG WON (Dalmatian Vocal). They made their debut on September 2 2010 under MC Mong's Monkey Funch Entertainment. Their first single and music video is called Round 1. They debuted their music video on August 25 on Mnet. Their music genre are pop and dance.
"OMIGOSH!" Dalmatian is the awesomest rookie KPOP boy group ever! I lovee INATI-Oppa, Day-Day-Oppa, DARI-Oppa, JISU-Oppa, DRAMA-Oppa, and Young Won-Oppa! Dalmation FIGHTING & HWAITING! <3333 I love their new song Round 1! I can't wait to see how successful they are!"
by shinee_SUJU_xDPANDA December 08, 2010

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