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Daina is another word for an extremely hot chick with an amazing personality and rockin' bod!

The woman with this name is loved by all and is a sporty one.

She is usually known as 'retard' by all the stupid pictures one takes of her.
1. OMG! Check out that Daina

2. Jesus, I wish I was Daina
by zomghotty August 21, 2011
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A great person with an eaqually great ass. She is extreemly hot. On the other side of things, she is an exreeemly good friend, if u tell her a secret, then it will be safe with her. An AMAZING person
Boy1: yoh, look at that, I want some!

Boy2: that has to be a Daina
by geckojt October 19, 2013
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Daina is a good friend but can be a little much. Daina gets in trouble to many times and can be a bad enfluence even though at certain points she’ll be the only one there. Daina isn’t the brightest but is beautiful and makes a good first impression.
Daina is a trouble maker.
Daina is beautiful.
by Callie Michelle Hallidy October 26, 2018
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