5 definitions by The Lazer Viking

to get high

originally all the the "get high" terms were taken until a group of 4 teen males from Huntington Park decided to make their own way of saying "we're gonna get high" without having anyone get suspicious.
Jimmy: "Hey what are you doing tomorrow?"
Mark: "I'm gonna go to Mars"
Jimmy: "What?"
by The Lazer Viking February 04, 2008
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The equivalent of I'll suck your dick, but for women.

A woman is the only means of attaining something you desire, so you are willing to go down on her for what you want.

Commonly used by males on female drug dealers or male's seeking to get laid.
by The Lazer Viking February 14, 2008
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Some guy that attends English 100 at Cerritos Community College.
Mark: Doesn't that guy look like Iron Man?
by The Lazer Viking February 04, 2008
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The place by which all other towns/cities' level of whiteness is measured.
1: "Hey what about there?"
2: "Nah fuck that, that's like Daina Point!"
by The Lazer Viking February 06, 2008
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