To check to make sure that you haven't defined any other words in a way that could be incriminating.
I'm glad I double checked the urban legend website and wrote the webmaster before my school did.
by Rob White October 18, 2004
When a message gets delivered and read without a response.
by bossloaf September 21, 2015
When a girl looks at you and you look back to see if she looks again.
Omg that girl must really like you, its 30 double check now.
by XPWall December 6, 2019
When, in preparation of getting a blowjob from a streetwalker for $20 or less, you run your hand under the chin to check for an Adam's apple.
I was really drunk last night, but I remembered to perform a discount double-check before unzipping. Whew! Close one.
by Crab-eating Macaque December 4, 2012
While doing a girl from behind, right before blowing your load, pull out and finish in your hands. Then grab her stomach and smear it around her waist like a championship belt. Because, well, she earned it.
Austin: Did I just see that girl leave your room with a sticky stomach?

Ogewu: Yea, I gave her the discount double check.

Austin: Cool bro! *high five*

Ogewu: I haven't washed my hands yet.
by IsiMan85 December 27, 2011
To Perform Aaron Rodgers's touchdown move while saying discount double check. Derives from the State Farm add that uses Aaron Rodgers Move.
Packers Fan: Hey you

Bears Fan: What?


Bears Fan: F**ker
by Mr VGA January 7, 2012
Driving or walking past a restaurant or bar a second time to gauge how many douchebags are there, to decide if you go in or not.
Friend One: "We can always go back to that bar."
Friend Two: "Yea let's do a Douche-Count double check."
Friend One: "To many douchebags here lets go somewhere else."
by Pretty boy Floyd June 21, 2013