The eccentric cowboy of the band 5SOS, who occasionally appears in snapchat memes and forgets to wash his hair.
“You know Luke Hemmings?”

Hell yeah! The eccentric cowboy.”
by eccentriccowboyluke January 11, 2019
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An Australian blond God. Born July 16th 1996, Lead vocals & guitarist to ban 5 Seconds Of Summer or 5SOS. This boy is truly Beautiful and no words can describe the love that I feel for him. Facts about Luke Hemmings:
-His favourite animal is a Penguin. Because let's face it they are awesome.
-His favourite TV Show is 'How I Met Your Mother'
-He has 2 brothers
-He has a dog called Molly
-He likes cheese and ham
-His most recent Ex is Aleisha McDonald
-He is pure Australian
-His mother is a math teacher
-His favourite movie is AnchorMan
-His favourite Ice-cream flavour is Cookies & Cream
-His perfect idea of a date is going to the beach then going to Cold Rock after
-His favourite number is 7
-He plays the amazing guitar solo in 'Out Of My Limit'
-He always eats, he's constantly hungry. He basically lives in the kitchen.
-He won the 5SOS Pizza Hut ice-cream eating competition. He had 17 bowls.
-He's an uncle
-He said he would date a fan 2 years younger than him
-His best friend is Calum Hood, they have a bromance and their name is Cake.

So as you can see he is pretty amazing!
Randomer: Hey have you heard of Luke Hemmings?
You: What that amazing sexy Australian God?
Randomer: Yeah
You: Yes he is amazing, he is my future husband.
Randomer: Not if I get there first.
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Lead guitarist and singer of 5 Seconds of Summer aka the total package. his smile looks adorably innocent and makes me wanna shove a pencil in my eye and the lip ring added to it turns him into walking sex. He is perf, your opinion is wrong (unless its that hes perf)
"Hey do you know who Luke Hemmings is?"
"yeah he's walking sex with a lip ring, and he can sing. he's the total package"
by Roo :p June 20, 2014
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luke hemmings is the lord of all penguins and lives in black vans and skinny jeans and once relieved calum hood of a boner
"hey have you heard of luke hemmings"
"what no i'm not a penguin"
by swiggityswag June 16, 2013
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Australian rock God. Lead vocals and guitarist in 5 Seconds of Summer. biological configuration: 70% legs, 15% shoulders, 10% hair, 2% eyes, 2% puppy, 1% lip ring.
It's Luke Hemmings! Man that guy has long legs.
by g-wheeze February 19, 2015
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Luke Hemmings is a giant Australian from Sydney. He is in a Band '5 Seconds of Summer' (5SOS) and is the lead singer and rhythm guitarist. He has gorgeous blonde hair, a dimple in his right cheek and lip piercing on his left side. His long lanky legs go on forever and with his broad shoulders he looks like a walking triangle. His singing voice is the voice of an angel, along with his talking voice. His smile lights up the room and you will loose your breathe at the sight of this gorgeous human being. Just hearing his laugh will brighten your day. He is quite awkward but always has something funny to say. He is truly a gift from god himself.

These being only a few reasons as to why I love him.
You: Look at that guy over there, he's kind of cute.
Me: Yeah, but he's not Luke Hemmings cute.
You: Too true.
by Unicornlife July 15, 2015
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