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The programmer of Alexa. He also never worked for Amazon.
Who is Jeff Bezos?
He's a long legged pissed off Puerto Rican!

Who programmed you?
by I eat swag for breakfast November 01, 2019
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Don't drop any slice of my booty, or I'll have your booty!
by I eat swag for breakfast August 26, 2014
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You may think that Rick Astley is someone that will never....
Give you up
Let you down
Run around
Desert you
Make you cry
Say Goodbye
Tell a lie
Hurt you

But really, this is what he is:

-real name is Giovanni
-ox molester

-someone who despises irish men
-someone who shits on himself
-someone who loves piss
-someone who thinks Nazis are foolish
- someone who is Christian
- someone who is a douchebag
-fat oxes give him a good time
-someone who thinks that black people need a whole bottle of soap
-someone who likes to fuck with pee
-someone who wouldn't search for you if you got lost
-someone who thinks people watching porn are bastards
-someone who calls other people's dancing foolish
-someone who has a job as a console seller because he boxes a nintendo wii
-someone who thinks Woody from Toy Story is a nerd
-someone who is confused with his sexuality
-someone who thinks we look like a pig
-someone who will never fuck Luigi
-someone who makes people eat his snot
-someone who molests his penis too
-someone who is a penis
-someone who is naked inside a hole
-someone who wears makeup and puts it on people

But We still love him, because not everyone knows this stuff
Rick Astley molests oxes and his penis.
by I eat swag for breakfast November 21, 2016
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