What Boston Red Sox pitcher Pedro Martinez calls the New York Yankees.
"The Yankees are my daddy; they're inside my head right now." -- Pedro Martinez
by Nicky J September 28, 2004
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milking my daddy means giving a father of any kind a handjob or any other form realating this action
"last night i heard my mom milking my daddy"
by milkingmydaddy101 January 14, 2017
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A phrase often directed by small black children to their unwed mother when they see an older black man with family, wife and children.
"Who my daddy? Who be my Daddy?" said little Quimquamquavia to her mother at the playground on the project's property.

"Hush, Quim, I'm tryin' to rememba. It's one out of ten, I am sure! It was at night, and I don't think I saw his face. We were playing a game at a party called pimp and ho; I was 11."
by Richard Black May 06, 2005
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A phrase yelled by a man who has strapped himself to a rocking chair wearing nothing but a pair of cowboy boots and a shoe lace tied tightly around his dick and balls. While rocking back and forth he yells "look at me im a cowboy just like my daddy"
As Dan rides his rocking chair he yells "im a cowboy, just like my daddy"
by Tony Balony the Phony August 24, 2018
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the act flashing jewlery, money, women to gain the respect of others
i be stuntin like my daddy
by stickyswivel September 28, 2006
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A Phrase said by the Graphics Noob Aime.
Mikal: Thats a nice beef sandwich Mr Gafney.
Everyone in the room: LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL..
by Mikal October 09, 2004
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