A common misspelling of "psychedelic", typically used by stoners who are too wasted to read books.
What a bummer! I tried to download "Alan's Psychadelic Breakfast" from iTunes, but I couldn't find it.
by A. Nonny Muss July 3, 2006
Very cool, hip, far out, amazing, colorful
"Wow, that sunset's psychadelic, man."
by gneeinabottle March 4, 2009
A type of music that arose in the mid to late 1960s largely through the influence of hallucunogic drugs such as LSD-25 and suchlike. Pioneers of this musical style included the Beatles, with their most psychadelic works including "Tomorrow Never Knows," one of the first real songs of this musical genre in 1966 as the last song on the largely conventional "Revolver" album. Other bands to embrace this new style include Pink Floyd, Jefferson Airplane, the Grateful Dead, the Doors and countless others. It was with the release of the Beatles 1967 LP Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band that bands began to experiment with new music, now that the rules had been broken forever....
The Acid-soaked piano sound on Pink Floyd's "See Emily Play" is one of the greatestpsychadelic works to date
by MG October 28, 2003
1) Drug dealer or Street Pharmacist.

2) A dealer who usually deals marijuana and psyhadelics, such as acid and shrooms.
by Brown Eyed Girl May 30, 2005
an extreme mental feeling, a feeling that is foreign, an unknown feeling
After i smoked all that weed i had an amazing psychadelic euphoria.
by J.G.K. August 24, 2006
Colorful vomit, i.e. after eating a curry or similar dish.
"I ate so much vindaloo last night, I did a psychadelic yawn in the cab on the way home".
by Mike Hewitt January 21, 2004