A common misspelling of "psychedelic", typically used by stoners who are too wasted to read books.
What a bummer! I tried to download "Alan's Psychadelic Breakfast" from iTunes, but I couldn't find it.
by A. Nonny Muss July 03, 2006
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1) Drug dealer or Street Pharmacist.

2) A dealer who usually deals marijuana and psyhadelics, such as acid and shrooms.
by Brown Eyed Girl May 29, 2005
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Colorful vomit, i.e. after eating a curry or similar dish.
"I ate so much vindaloo last night, I did a psychadelic yawn in the cab on the way home".
by Mike Hewitt January 21, 2004
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an extreme mental feeling, a feeling that is foreign, an unknown feeling
After i smoked all that weed i had an amazing psychadelic euphoria.
by J.G.K. August 23, 2006
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