Pron. Plat-too.

Made famous by Chris 'beastmode' Jones, the word plateau is now widely excepted in the fitness community to be pronounced plat-too.

It's definition, although varied, is described by Jones in the context of cutting in the following way.

'It pretty much means, he's been dieting and for some reason he can't loose anymore weight' Chris Jones, 2013.
I've been cutting for about 7 weeks now and I've hit a plateau (plat-too) and I don't know what to do.
by Murf5ta October 8, 2013
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French slang for the perenium or in english slang the taint.
The region between a girls pussy and her ass-hole or respectively th region between a guys balls and ass-hole
Elle m'a leché le plateau!
by LeonRonronDansMonCamion December 2, 2010
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An ass so big you could sit on it.
A fat person eats a "Fat Bomb", if you will and it detonates as it passes the lower region, causing a plateau shelf like ass to exsist.
by Capitan Kirk January 15, 2007
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Verb- To take a dump.
Jeeze man, I really gotta plateau right now.
by Dictionary222 March 25, 2009
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A period of time in which a person is kept very highly sexually aroused, with or without orgasms, the intensity can differ per period of time.
He kept his girl aroused for the whole weekend, he started by stimulating her by flirting, teasing and dirty talk, so she reached plateau. The plateau was prolonged to even a higher level by orgasm after orgasm and never giving her the chance to come down again, finally she was plateau on a very high level, she couldn't think anymore and was only longing for a cock.
by Cerisepommes June 1, 2011
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A place where rich kids roam. Everyone has new cars and expensive purses. The guys are a bunch of douchebags. Proud home of Safeway, Eastlake High and Saffron. Safeway is where it's at!
Those kids are sporting new coach bags. I wonder if they are from the plateau.

Because we live on the plateau we feel a need to hang around grocery stores all day.
by Lollipop1234 August 21, 2006
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Neighborhood situated in downtown Montreal. Situated between Sherbrooke street(South), Park avenue (West), the railroad(north) and Iberville street (east).
This area is well known for its cultural scene, since it is the part of town where the largest amount of artists live. It also is home of the main core of Montreal nightlife. Saint-Laurent blvd, Saint-Denis ,and Mont-Royal are the places to go if you want to taste true Montreal nightlife.
The area was first built for proletarians but in the begining of the twenty first century house prices skyrocketed.
''These platocentrists really think that they are the shit''
''I got drunk in park lafontaine''
''I went to party in the plateau with my artist friends''

by Olivier Gariepy January 27, 2008
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