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Any activity or substance that produces a high while not breaking the law. Often sold in the form of legal herbs that produce a sense of relaxation or euphoria.
Bro, I just got mad herb tea. You want to sip on this legal high?
by 420HoneyBunny February 07, 2012
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Something legal and uncontrolled that will get you high in some way. Not as good as the illegal drugs though. Which makes since as if they were that fun then they would not be a legal high would they?

Typically legal highs are either dangerous, digusting and/or time consuming to use. Or maybe they are just quasi-legal like Salvia.

Does not include alcohol or caffeine.
Sniffing Glue/Spray Paint/Lighter Fluid/God knows what else -(dangerous)
DXM (Cough Syrup) - disgusting/time consuming
Salvia - quasi-legal
Morning Glory Seeds - time consuming
Laughing Gas - quasi-legal
Benadryl/Dramamine - Dangerous and not really that fun either.
Having Someone Hold Your Nose and Mouth Shut So You Cant Not Breathe and Results In Some Kinda High - Dangerous and kinda stupid. The author has never heard anyone attempt this.
Theres some other shit too. They are either some kinda inhalent or just bullshit.
by Arm February 04, 2005
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the level of your highness when you wear high heels. The word can only be used for women or men who like to wear womens shoes.
wear high heels experince legal high! It's all healthy!
by modellingsucks July 31, 2006
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