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Used by WWE Superstar "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, It means Don't Trust Anybody.
DTA, you stupid son of a bitch. Don't Trust Anybody.
by Steve December 22, 2003
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Someone who whores out a website like and quotes them on message boards with no additional text or message.
Damn, that foo d-ta'd me again quoting urban dictionary on az240! sonofabitch!
by toki March 02, 2005
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don't,turn,around. when a woman is hot from behind but a severe let down when her face is in view.
dave; hey check out the ass on that she's gorgeous
(woman turns around)
ohhhh baby please D.T.A.
by TREBOR24 October 24, 2006
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down to appetize; ready to enjoy a pre-meal with your crew
We're going to Applebee's, ordering off the "Starters" menu - you DTA?
by pistachio229 August 01, 2017
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