Male Lingo Reference to someone (male or female) whose appearance generally suggests that he/she possess exceptional skills at pleasuring a dick
"Man, I know she seemed nerdy in class, but let me tell you bro, that girl can take a dick."

"Did you see that girl behind the counter?"
"Yeah, and I bet she can take a dick."
by M-Rizzle March 14, 2014
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Verb. Liquidating one's assets (esp. community property) for pure personal gain and leaving; abandoning societal/familial social, moral and ethical expectations; forsaking one's responsibilities. Taking the easy way out.
Dick Smith was married and had 5 children. He had a big house with expensive cars and all the trappings of a wealthy family. One day Dick lost his job and after leaving work, liquidated all of his bank accounts and assets and left town, leaving his family high and dry.


1. Someone gets fired from work- "he took a Dick Smith"
2. You are at a party and want to leave- "Hey I am going to take a Dick Smith"
3. Someone quits a job- "I took a Dick Smith"
4. Sean White lost in the Olympics- "Sean White took a Dick Smith in that event"
5. A store or restaurant closes- "They took a Dick Smith"
by T.M. Zappa February 21, 2014
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When you'd rather be getting pounded for 5-7 minutes than out shopping with your wife.
"Man, Trader Joe's was awful Sunday. I'd rather be taking dick than step foot back in that place again."
by CalvinSugarWish May 18, 2019
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The phrase you say to someone who rejected your definition that you worked so hard to write it.
the editor:Should I publish this def or should I reject it?I will reject it,I'm sorry!
the frustrated guy:Take my dick in my mouth,you fucking idiot,I worked so hard to write my def and you reject it so easily!
by piturca October 17, 2011
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This is the one of the key factors in finding a girl's hotness on the 1 to 10 scale. Normally, women are rated solely based off boobs, ass, face, etc...However, one of the most overlooked feature is the taking dick modifier, or TDM.

To determine a girl's TDM, one must talk to said female, stalk the shit out of her on facebook, analyze the way she struts, or figure something about her ability to, or lack thereof, wield a penis.

TDM's only apply to girls you would be willing to fuck. So, if there is a female that loves to gobble cock but is an absolute ogre at the same time, the TDM does not apply. At the same time, smoke-shows who avoid penis like it's the The Plague have a negative TDM which subtracts from her final 1 to 10 ranking. Therefore if a girl rated 6 has a TDM of +2, her ranking is boosted to 8. This means a male might find better luck hitting on the 6(2+) chick than hitting on the 10(-4) girl. Under this system, the hook-up culture is totally revolutionized.
Dude 1: Hey do you wanna go somewhere alone??

Hot Girl 1: Oh no I don't like getting into those situations. I gotta go home with my friends.

**Hot Girl leaves**

Dude 2: Bro!! That girl was a smoke-show! You get with her??

Dude 1: Fuck her dude! She was like a legit 9 but her Taking Dick Modifier was like -4.
by genghis khan swaggggg October 10, 2011
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Being able to sustain the male penis hitting it from the back at least in and out three times
I love taking dick from the back he hit it at least 3 times
by Taking dick September 10, 2017
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