1) 1974-1978 The main character in THE SIX MLLION DOLLAR MAN television series, played by Lee Majors. Steve Austin was an astronaut, but he got all smashed up upon re-entry. The US government said they would re-build him into a super strong and fast bionic cyborg if he would agree to work as a secret agent. Not wanting to be a fucked-up cripple for the rest of his life -- he agreed!
SMDM won a Golden Globe Award.

2) "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. Born in 1965 as Steve Williams, probably borrowed his name from the character above. In 1990 he enrolled in Chris Adams' wrestling school. In 1991 he made his WCW debut as "Stunning" Steve Austin. He is 6f 2i and 252 pounds. He has held all kinds of professional wrestling titles, and has now become an actor.

3) A Rap/Hip Hop artist. Album: "800 lb. Gorilla", Top Song: "Bussa Move". Being that he is on the "Bioniq Labs" label (a division of Universal) I would assume that he also borrowed his name from the $6 million man (or else Universal decided to play off it).
1) The Six Million dollar Man started out cool, and ended up shit.

2) Starred in THE LONGEST YARD (2005) as Guard Dunham.
Is currently cast in the filming of THE CONDEMNED.

3) 2006 Dallas Observer Music Awards, "Best Rap/Hip Hop Artist 2006".

"No wonder Steve Austin won the WCW & WWE Championships dude -- forget about steroids, he's BIONIC! Do THEY know?"
by Pat & Kelly O'Brian August 2, 2006
Mike Tyson wouldn't leave me alone, so I whipped out some Steve Austin powers on him!

Really, Lil' Kim isn't much of a wrestler -- but you should see her box!
by Robin Givens July 23, 2006
A beer-swilling, ass kicking foul mouthed redneck. Takes no orders from
anybody, especially Vince McMahon or
Eric Bischoff.
Austin 3:16 says I just whipped your
by Bionic Redneck September 25, 2003
A fucking badass speech writer of 1996 and the only redneck of wwe
by Shrek 01 November 9, 2019
"... And thats the bottom line, cuz STONE COLD SAID SO!"(As I crack open two full beers and manage to only get one good swig out of the cans I've poured all over myself).

-Stone Cold Steve Austin-
by jpz0r December 5, 2006