1) absence of heat

2) emotionless

3) Steve Austin, the baddest SOB in professional wrestling. He is known for drinking beer and giving ass holes the Stunner.
1. This body must have been sitting here for a long time. It's stone cold.

2. I wouldn't talk to that guy. He's stone cold.

3. When you hear the glass, it's your ass.
by Eric Simmons January 1, 2004
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1-A made for TV mini-series direct from a novel starring Magnum PI's Tom Selleck in which he played a gruff aging small town cop

2-One of the most popular and well-known wrestlers in WWE history.

-Former gimmicks included Ring Master and Stunning Steve Austin.

-Trademarks: drinks Miller beer two at at time toasts it to the crowd and spills it on himself, Stone Cold Stunner-his finishing move (he kicks you low like in the stomach or balls and he turns around and grabs your head and drops on his ass to the floor while you land flat on your face, gives double middle fingers salute, usually wears a black leather vest or some shirt with denim shorts, bald with a goatee, thick deep texan accent

Quotes: "Give me a hell yeah!,""What?," "F*** fear, drink beer"

Nicknames: Bionic RedNeck, Rattle Snake

-Married numerous times, but most notably to former WWE Diva, Debra Marshall-McMichael...they divorced and Debra now works as a real estate agent

-Has had many famous feuds including one with WWE owner, Vince McMahon, and boxer Mike Tyson

-Like The Rock, has also starred in some movies, most recently 2005's "The Longest Yard"
Ex1: I wonder if Tom Selleck signed up for anymore of the "Stone Cold" mini series since its from a few novels

Ex2: If you think Stone Cold Steve Austin is one tough redneck sumb**** give me a hell yeah!
by LoganLesnarMarvel August 14, 2005
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Term describing a really hot or stunning girl.

Taken from WWF wrestler "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's finishing move, the Stone Cold Stunner.
-"Have you seen Dan's new girl"

-"Yeah mate she's Stone Cold!"
by Ryan W Jones October 27, 2006
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An excessive karma abuser at final fantasy forums.
You've just been OWN+D

and also added to stunner list.
by Annex June 18, 2004
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1. A person with no fucking emotions.
2. Toughest SOB
3. A person with whom nobody is safe... You can be the next one.
1. "Hey You know that guy... He's fucking stone cold".
2. " he looks stone cold".
3. "He doesn't have any emotions in his face. Because he is a Stone Cold. "
4. "Beware of that guy he's stone cold."
5. "You know Sabaz(ex.) He's totally stone cold".
by Toughest SOB October 14, 2017
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1. To be blatantly honest. To drop all pretense, abandon every code word, keep it real, and just answer straight-up.
2. To do something in a fair and honest manner.
1. "Stone cold, will you miss me?"
2. "That president is a stone cold winner."
by Twisted Nickle January 29, 2021
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A cuck Republican in name only who puts his American constituents last. A multi-millionaire who straps dogs to the roof of his car, keeps binders full of women, and fires his cancer stricken employees so he doesn't have to pay for their health care expenses.
So nice to see RINO Mitt Romney booed off stage at the Utah Republican Convention. They are among the earliest to have figured this guy out, a STONE COLD LOSER!
by S. Patriot May 4, 2021