An Acronym for Dipropyltryptamine. A research chemical used as a recreational drug made illegal in 2005. A very powerful psychoactive chemical that is most often inhaled and sometimes taken with a needle. Can also be smoked as a freebase. Results vary from person to person, and are dependent on the amount taken. Often an experience starts of with minimal physical shakes and a strange feeling of unease that subseeds once it takes full effect. Effects can include visual trails, extreme color enhancement and sometimes light sensitivity, loss of time and space, inibility to understand the world around you, and general sensory overlaod and/or senses crossing into one another. Though it does not create a typical euphoric high, it is not unpleasent in the presence of friends, and fits of laugher are common with minimal prompting. Effects typically last between one and two hours.
"Holy crap dood I was tripping my balls off and I thought I traveled to flap jaw space! It was amazing!"

"I could not stop dancing"

"I don't know what was going on, but it was fun, though I don't recall 2 hours passing"
by Andythelad April 26, 2005
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Stands for Desi Princess Trash, as pertaining to individuals of the Indian ethnicity (females ONLY) that spend daddy's money, drive daddy's car (Lexus, BMW, Mercedes, etc) and only date other males that can provide the same. DPTs are also found to wear designer clothing; they also appear to be ready to go clubbing at a moments notice. Tend to have a less than that desirable personality and also have bouts of bipolar disease.
"Man, you see that girl, driving daddy's Lexus and spending daddy's money? She acts like she's all that, what a DPT."
by actionpotential June 4, 2007
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When your lady is feeling blue you give her DPT to cheer her up.
by Bigbrownnigger420 March 3, 2019
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deer park trash

white trash that live in or near the vicinity of deer park avenue
yo those highlights are so dpt
by jeniffer m August 7, 2004
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Put Out

If a girl is DPT. She is all good to go.

Meeting these three criteria guarantees a good time with anyone male or female.
Sara is the life of the party. She would definitely DPT.

Is she DPT?
by JC/JS E.OH January 29, 2011
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Abbreviation for "dick picture text." This is an unsolicited and unexpected picture text message of a man's erect penis, sent to a woman the man perceives as attractive in a misguided attempt to woo the woman. Most often DPTs are received with varying amounts of disgust, ridicule, and rejection.
I thought he was pretty cool until I got a DPT on my phone at work. Now, I know he's just a freak.
by funkiemunkee February 3, 2010
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Acronym for do pray tell; prior to hearing a story time, wanting someone to elaborate on something, etc.
I just had the funniest encounter” “dpttt”
by doingprayingandtelling July 15, 2023
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