Dorchester is DA best place in Massachusetts. It borders wit ROxbury and SOuth Boston. A ghetto place where blacks,hispanics, sum cool white kids, and us HALFRICANS live at. yea nigga Boriqua.
>Yo man u goin to dorchester??
>HEll yea nigga! y?
>O shit niggah u betta be strapped.
by AJ THA KING February 16, 2005
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A ghetto in Boston where hood rats and thugs kill each other over basketball courts, street corners, and anything else they feel like. Most people know to steer clear of this area and letthe ghetto rats cull themselves out of existence.
When walking down Bule Hill Avenure is Dorchester, bring a kevlar helmet and vest.
by Stronken June 23, 2006
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One of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Boston. A place where Irish and Black gangstaz rule the streets. cant get through a single night without waking up to gun shots and police cars. If your not a fighter dont live in dorchester. Dont raise your kids here because they will join gangs for their survival. Dont plan on living here for the rest of your life because if you live here your whole life your life wont be very long. Dorchester was once home to many influential people like Whitey Bulger (Irish american gangster, once ran Bostons organized crime), Malcom X (Black nationalit leader), among countless other gang members and career criminals who grew up in Dorchester.
Dorchester is the ghetto surrounded by ghettos like South Boston, Roxbury, and the South End.
by Dorchester rulez April 17, 2010
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the poorest city in massachusetts but who gives a flyin fuck man that place is tight. Born and raised in tha DOT, its near south boston, roxbury and JP. dey got sum crazy niggs goin round there but some of dem pretty fuckin tight we got some crunk ass people down there. the fuckin shit man dorchesters where its at
i would like to by some crack please
ok go to dorchester
by giouewahsckcj December 02, 2008
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A shitty place in England and a pretty cool place in the states.
Usually when the British name a place in the US, the place in the US becomes better, mainly because the British are a bunch of self loathing hipster clowns who are taught to hate themselves.
They are taught to hate themselves because they used to go all over the world and forcibly name places after crappy English towns.
The fact that Americans don’t hate themselves pisses off most Europeans who take great pride out of their self loathing.
They like to think the war in Iraq is imperialism, which they link to their imperialistic past and try to draw parallels between the two, and then get mad when they find that Americans do not hate themselves like they do.
Actually not all Europeans are bad - they are the 35% who like America, and the English chicks I hooked up with when I lived there. Yes, that is right, English girls chose a Yank over you.
In any event. The English probably don't like the American Dorchester because it is filled with Irish Americans and African Americans and we all know how the English treated their forebears.
Isn't there a place called Dorchester in England?
Who the F cares?
by poolooboyle October 24, 2006
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Also an american free town in the south west of England, a couple of miles north of Weymouth. The name was given to it by the Romans, and then we British named that town in America when we founded it. We also named Weymouth and Portland too. Hahahaha!
'I need to get some new shoes.'
'OK, we''l go to Dorchester, I hear they have a Clarks there.'
by Corbziflay August 06, 2006
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