Person 1: Hey ,What's your DOC??
Person 2: Mine is Cocaine...
by KIran May 29, 2015
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DOC is an abbreviation for "Drug of choice."
On the street:

"What's your DOC?"
"How much you want?"
by Johnny Haze May 14, 2007
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Department of Corrections. They are well known for running the prison system. A guy by the name of DOC also describes himself as Dr. Dre's homie.
The DOC runs the jail in which I serve.
by T-Dog Jenkins April 20, 2005
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Drug Of Choice. Addicts in rehab commonly ask about the drug that was abused by asking about a DOC.
Max: What’s your DOC?
Leyla: My DOC is Cocaine
by piggiess July 1, 2018
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A new street drug that's a combination of amphetamine and a hallucinogen (similar to LSD). The outcome is like an acid trip, but ALOT stronger. Its orgins are unknown, but it's real easy to get in LA - if u hit up the right alley.
"Yo, my dude just made a visit to tha DOC, and now his ass is runnin into walls and seeing shit!"
by N.L. June 6, 2006
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Dick On Call

A man who can be called upon at anytime to satisfy your sexual needs.

Pronounced as doc (as in short for doctor)
Girl 1: Hey what are you up to tonight?

Girl 2: Just called my DOC so I'm sure I'll be getting it in tonight.
by Smile4B January 4, 2011
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Drunk On the Corner. A typical redneck gathering involving people in a neighborhood talking about catching catfish and running trout lines while drinking as much alcohol as possible, and striving to slur their words and stories to the point where you say to yourself: "I've got to get the fuck out of here".
Yo man - that Bobbie was DOC last night. It seemed like he lickity split though after I mentioned how to skin a buck.
by 8ballerz August 4, 2011
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