is the best mathematical equation anyone could ever ask for
DG² is forever
by ForyouandI December 2, 2009
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Death Grip Syndrome is the excessive use of the hand in male masturbation leading to decreased sensitivity during real sex. It is a curable, non-permanent condition that requires the cessation of hand masturbation. This will lead to more pleasurable sex. It will take some time to become used to the sensations of actual sex ranging from one week to a whole month.
John was a virgin until his wedding night, but his DGS prevented him from fully enjoying his first time. But John was able to enjoy sex more thoroughly after he stopped masturbating for a while.
by DarkElf October 17, 2013
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Abbreviation of Drain Gang
Also an abbreviation of Death Grips
Person 1: I love DG
Person 2: Drain Gang or Death Grips?
by confuse February 23, 2022
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Digital Gangster. One who (ab)uses the internet and modern technology for many tasks, most commonly for monetary profit or other personal gain, and initimidation of rivals. People who can destroy your credit, steal your identity or hack your website without you ever seeing them.
YTCracker is a DG. He clocks huge bank from spamming and is not to be fuxd with if you value your life.
by Em Epher July 2, 2006
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Short fo the words Dream Girl
The girl of your dreams.
Chris: Pilar you are my DG
Pilar:no your not you are just confused
Chris: -_-
by I wrote this joint joint November 5, 2010
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Tattoo above the vagina, shes a DG fo sho.
by trevor15051 August 3, 2008
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abbreviation for dirty girl
often used in reference to girls who read comsmopolitan, or other sexually related literature.
She's such a DG, it's disgusting.
by Tiffylee June 2, 2005
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