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1.) An experimental hiphop music group from California

2.) An aggressive, two handed, handjob often causing tears in the skin or losing circulation to the penis.
Guy1: I got Death Grips last night. Wasn’t really for me.
Guy2: Damn, your girl must have given you No Love Deep Web
Guy1: No it’s a rough handjob, my dick is still throbbing.
Guy2: Oh, I guess you got got.
Guy1: What.
by schi6ism October 16, 2019
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A person who gets the vaccine and and flaunts it will high end shopping, trips, and parties
Once Lisa got the vax she turned into such a vaxinista
by M. Wolly March 23, 2021
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When a male masturbates too often/with too hard of a grip, so that they are almost insensitive to anything other than masturbation. This includes even vaginal sex.
The only reason Christian lasted when having sex with the really tight girl was that he had given himself the death grip.
by bigheadu February 24, 2016
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Death Grips is an experimental hip-hop/metal group from Sacramento, California. The abrasive music has been described as "a bludgeoning stab of hostility that avoids being an overbearing mess," with vocalist MC Ride shouting over cold, bass-heavy beats.
"What up Chris?"

"Yeah man, what's going on with it?"

"You guys got this new Death Grips thing coming out here. IT GOES IT GOES IT GOES IT GOES IT GOES IT GOES IT GOES IT GOES IT GOES IT GOES YAH"
by Sundance B. October 05, 2012
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A non-medical condition, where a male who excessively masturbates develops callouses on his penis. The penis callouses begin to numb the penis head and causes the penis to become less sensitive to touch via genitals, mouth or hand.

The only known cure of this condition is to stop masturbating as often, to let the callouses face away on the penis.
Fred: Jeff enjoys whacking it too much, that sally can not even get him to cum anymore.

Alex: He's developed DEATH GRIP
by Raphisonfire February 11, 2011
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refers to an extremely tight or strong hold one has on a particular object
jeeZ! you've got a death grip on that bag of potato chips. CALM DOWN, and save some for the rest of us!
by *JESS* April 13, 2005
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If while holding an iPhone 4, you cover up the black strip on the edge causing your signal strength to suddenly plummet.
Steve: Whoa did we just enter a tunnel or something? I have no signal
Jobs: Dude stop giving your phone the death grip.
Steve: Fucking iPhones
by JJHOUSEE July 02, 2010
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