1.) An experimental hiphop music group from California

2.) An aggressive, two handed, handjob often causing tears in the skin or losing circulation to the penis.
Guy1: I got Death Grips last night. Wasn’t really for me.
Guy2: Damn, your girl must have given you No Love Deep Web
Guy1: No it’s a rough handjob, my dick is still throbbing.
Guy2: Oh, I guess you got got.
Guy1: What.
by schi6ism October 17, 2019
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Death Grips is an experimental hip-hop/metal group from Sacramento, California. The abrasive music has been described as "a bludgeoning stab of hostility that avoids being an overbearing mess," with vocalist MC Ride shouting over cold, bass-heavy beats.
"What up Chris?"

"Yeah man, what's going on with it?"

"You guys got this new Death Grips thing coming out here. IT GOES IT GOES IT GOES IT GOES IT GOES IT GOES IT GOES IT GOES IT GOES IT GOES YAH"
by Sundance B. October 6, 2012
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meme rap group formed by three homeless guys
Responsibility is cool, but there are more things in life, like getting your dick rode all fucking night. - Death Grips
by Nicocchi February 3, 2015
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1. Noun: An experimental Hip-Hop band from Sacramento, California.

2. Adjective: Signifying traits and/or themes which embody the sylistic and aesthetic attributes of Death Grips.
1: "Yo man have you listened to Death Grips? They're pretty sick."
2:"Did you see the man who walked through a mile of broken glass and then beat up a crack-whore? That was pretty Death Grips"
by MikeyBthehuman February 16, 2018
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Death Grips is a group of 3 alcoholic homeless guys that have an addiction to every drug imaginable.

they also make music that sounds exactly like getting drunk taking every drug imaginable. They also have received heavy amount's of praise from famous melon headed critic Anthony fantano (also known as theneedledrop) and 4chan for their 10/10 discography with no flaws whatsoever.
Person 1: you know death grips released a new album right?

Person 2: yeah, that fucking melon gave it a 10 didnt he?

Person 1: yeah he did, it made feel noided beyond belief.
by Local lawnmower November 21, 2020
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When a male masturbates too often/with too hard of a grip, so that they are almost insensitive to anything other than masturbation. This includes even vaginal sex.
The only reason Christian lasted when having sex with the really tight girl was that he had given himself the death grip.
by bigheadu February 24, 2016
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A non-medical condition, where a male who excessively masturbates develops callouses on his penis. The penis callouses begin to numb the penis head and causes the penis to become less sensitive to touch via genitals, mouth or hand.

The only known cure of this condition is to stop masturbating as often, to let the callouses face away on the penis.
Fred: Jeff enjoys whacking it too much, that sally can not even get him to cum anymore.

Alex: He's developed DEATH GRIP
by Raphisonfire February 11, 2011
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