Short for definately.
Said in normal conversations.
by Diego August 30, 2003
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Kinda lame but useful and funny way of saying for sure or definately.
Also; fo deffs, def, deffy def, deffo McDefferson.
by Jake May 08, 2005
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Gothenburg wigger slang. Short for definitely. Also used instead of "for real", when wanting to point out that something is very true or given.
- I deffo need some weed right now.


- This crib rocks!
- Deffo!
by Japfreak January 03, 2004
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A term meaning you and someone else are thinking 2 people are having sexual intercourse without your knowledge, but you can tell.
*Teacher sat at desk and is marking work*
*Another teacher enters and starts talking to the other teacher*
*Pupils turn round to friend*
"Them teachers are DEFFO SHAGGIN' look at them"
by skankers2k9 July 27, 2009
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a term local to Stratford-Upon-Avon College (England), Blates Deffo is simply the coupleing of the two terms Blates and Deffo to stress your positive reaction to a suggestion
josh: you wanna go blag some pork pies?

james: Blates Deffo, m8!
by lowlife4ever March 10, 2008
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