Dining At The "Y"
Eating a female out.
With her legs spread - she is in the shape of a Y.
This local escort promised a full GFE including DATY and BBBJ.
by Deimos September 15, 2006
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DATY = dining at the y = cunnilingus, oral sex performed on a woman. The most beta thing a male can do
Bro, Vlad is the biggest beta, he datys his girlfriend every day
by Magumbster November 15, 2014
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awkwardness after a day of undisturbed, and unabashed truth and abandonment
We spent an amazing day together, and then when I called her later, it was kind of datie.
by C.Knight December 10, 2009
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A free, open source, cross-platform, Wikidata editor.
I have used Daty to edit 30.000 items.
by tallero April 28, 2019
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A word that describes something that is weird , doesn’t smell good or just brings bad vibes in general
That girl is ‘daty’ or why do you look daty bruv?
by Lightskin Sensation May 31, 2020
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already squeaky clean and showered for receiving daty
by June 6, 2021
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oral sex with woman thanks you to Aventuriere.ca for the experiences
i do a daty with Lara
by Anthony theRockies April 23, 2021
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