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a euphemism for performing oral sex, usually cunnilingus. The allusion is to both eating out and to shape of receiver's body and spread legs forming the shape of the letter Y. Sometimes abbreviated as DATY.
Of the things I like to do with a woman in bed, dining at the y is one of my favorites.
by I shouldn't know these things January 25, 2008
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Humorous way to allude to the kind of menu you will be having for tonite's dinner. You will probably choose some tuna taco , or perhaps bearded clam or maybe loose meat sandwich or even some snapper.
For those who need further explanation, the diner is called the Y not because its in some gym, but due to the peculiar shape of all aforementioned dishes.
Im picking up Donna at seven... we're dining at the Y
by Hugh G Rection January 21, 2005
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A euphemism for performing oral sex, usually cunnilingus, as others have mentioned. "The Y" is also a nickname for the YMCA, once a famed hangout for trolling gay men. Also, only men have a Y chromosome, so dining at the Y could also mean fallatio, or perhaps analingus as well.
What are you guys eating tonight? - Oh, we'll be dining at the Y.
by Dickens Heighdor June 04, 2019
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